Clay Pigeon Shooting

Just 30 minutes drive from Stone House is Warren Gill Shooting Ground. Situated in Lower Wensleydale near Masham, Warren Gill enjoys some of the most picturesque countryside in North Yorkshire and offers a range of clay pigeon shooting experiences to suit all abilities from complete beginner to the more experienced shooter.
If you have yet to try the exhilarating sport of clay pigeon shooting then why not give it a go during your stay at Stone House? There is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush when hitting the target and this demands concentration, a keen eye and quick reactions. Be taught how to perfect your aim and time your shots. Warren Gill has a range of introductory clay pigeon shooting lessons available where you can learn first hand from qualified coaches, in a safe and friendly environment. Why not find out if you have what it takes to become a crack shooter in one of Britain’s fastest growing sports. For more details please follow the link :

Field Shooting

While the West Country may have some fabulous pheasant shoots, there can be no county with more high bird destinations than Yorkshire, according to Fieldsports magazine, and there is nothing new or trendy about them, unlike so many other areas of the country where lots of high bird shoots have been developed in the last 20 years, Yorkshire has always been home to some terrific sport. It’s just that they tend not to tell everyone about it.

Consequently if you want to see some classy performers then you will find them aplenty. Shooting people in north Yorkshire have been born and brought up with the cult of the high pheasant. It is the norm. Some of the drives of the very best shoots are staggering – humbling, even to the first class Shot. Most are situated in the triangle between Malton, Hull and Whitby, where glacial creations lend themselves spectacularly to driven bird presentation, though there are also handful of top shoots in the dales to the west of the A1.

Just a few miles from the hotel is the Swinithwaite Estate – the headquarters of Dalesport Sporting Agency. Based in the heart of the North Yorkshire Dales, it is their philosophy to provide shooting enthusiasts with some of the very best, most exciting and memorable shooting experiences in England’s best landscapes. Days can be organised on estates under their management or through their extensive network of contacts. It is also a pre requisite to ensure that all requirements for each day are fully met. Pheasant, Grouse & Partridge are all fair game.


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