LATEST UPDATE 25/05/2021

We are now fully open!


The health & safety of our guests and staff is of paramount importance to us. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we have put a number of measures in place to further enhance our procedures and doubly ensure the personal safety of everyone in and around the hotel, giving you peace of mind for the duration of your stay.

Please note that these measures are provided as guidelines only, and we reserve the right to update on a daily basis without prior notice given the evolving nature of the pandemic. All our staff have been trained in the new measures and their temperatures are recorded before they enter the hotel.


On all entry/exit points and throughout the hotel we have 80% strength Alcohol liquid hand rub. Please use this frequently during your stay.


Please remember to wear a face covering when entering and moving around the hotel. Face coverings can be removed when seated for drinks and food. 

Please wash your hands regularly and thoroughly during your stay.


Please maintain a social distance of at least 1m from other guests and staff. 2m where possible.


Please find a table either in the lounges or the terrace/garden. Once seated our front of house team will take your drink/wine order and bring the drinks to you. Please avoid standing in the bar area.

If you prefer to go straight into the dining room at your booked time – that’s absolutely fine. We allocate tables according to your room number. Please see a member of the front of house team and they will show you to your table. Please sanitise hands prior to entering the dining room.

We are not accepting cash – so please book all drinks to your room. Dinner will be booked according to which menu you opt for. We offer 2 or 3 courses from the daily menu, both served with coffee and home made petit four.

Dinner service will commence once you are settled at your table.

Coffee will be offered in the lounge or gardens if space available, alternatively coffee can be served at your table.

All tables will be fully sanitised before and after service.


All bedrooms will be cleaned to a high standard prior to your arrival. Wherever possible we will leave rooms “fallow” in between bookings. We have an air purification unit and have adopted strict cleaning protocols with particular emphasis on touch points.

We want your room to be a safe place from the moment you arrive until your departure. Staff will not enter your room during your stay unless for emergency repairs or if you require medical assistance.

Please fill in your Housekeeping Menu and leave in your basket outside your room prior to coming down for breakfast if possible or before leaving the hotel for the day. Our staff will then leave your requested items (towels, toiletries etc) in your basket outside your room. If you require any additional items please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.


We are offering staggered breakfast times. Please book your preferred times with Reception.

Please be aware that your first choice of time slot may not be available.

Once at your allocated table, the waiting staff will bring everything you need for the table and take your order. You do not need to pre-order breakfast.


Guest accounts will be prepared either the night before or on the day of your departure. We will then email or print a copy of your bill. To reduce waiting in reception you can then telephone the front of house team by dialling “0” from you room ‘phone and settling your account by debit or credit card. Please note we do not accept cash or cheques.

If you prefer to pay at Reception that is fine providing you are not waiting and you keep a social distance of 2m.


Sedbusk, Hawes, North Yorkshire


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